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Thursday, February 05, 2009
Broken Robot

This is Duo, a robot experiment with human feet. He (or perhaps she) was dumped in an animal burrow as medical waste. Our Darkdevil County heroine (as always seems to be the case) finds him or her and is charged with a good deed.

Good evening, friends. Have been working rather hard on the game again, and the new burrow room and quest is nearly complete, with dripping water and distant river sounds and everything.

Does anyone know when Soundsnap.com started charging for sounds? It was a shock going back to my favorite sound site and discovering you can only download 5 a month with a free subscription now. I can easily download 5 a minute then decide I don't want to use any of them after all, and go back for more. Luckily freesound.org is still free, with Creative Commons sampling licensing. And they handily remember all your downloads which makes it easy to add the sound artist names to credits.

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