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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Not the Best Printing Day Ever
Just saying...

Tried to rush thru a print for the Iowa State U. Postcard Print Exchange but it didn't work so hot TWICE.

First time, I put the ground on too thinly and it fell off halfway thru the line etch. This was bad, since I had polished the surface and cleaned it to a mirror shine. It was perfect. Did I mention that the line disappeared too? It did. Hideous. Not worth reworking.

Ok, so transferred the image again to the other side of the plate (we're talking copper) which had (I thought) a faint aquatint, nothing awful.

Wrong. Image ended up looking murky and ugly, but the line etch was ok (30 minutes -- should have gone longer, I think).

Ok, so now everyone in the shop said I should just burnish out stuff here and there. Once again, I rushed. Should have done the organized thing like I usually do (with the mockup, the timings marked on the mockup, etc. etc. -- all very anal).

Didn't, so burnished out the wrong parts. My monster's face looks more like a clown's face.

May have one more go at it tomorrow, see if I can do something to the background.

Or not. Don't have any images to post at the moment, but will fess up later.

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