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Saturday, June 06, 2009
Art Reminders
A whole bunch of them for this weekend (sorry to be so tardy about it all):

Spudnik Press benefit ("Silent Auction, Loud Event") on June 6th at Happy Dog Gallery. Yes, you will have the opportunity to bid on 3 of my robot prints.

Spudnik Press Fundraiser Party!
Celebrate & Support 2 years of printmaking
Saturday, June 6, 2009
6 pm - 1 am

6 - 10 pm: Silent Auction
10 - 1 am: Party (with DJ)
Door: Free!

Happy Dog Gallery
1542 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Simply Chicago (oddly enough, not in Chicago, tho close) has work from the Evanston Art Center Print Shop -- a lot of it, a lot of really good stuff. I saw some of it when I dropped off my pieces, and if you come by, you will be shocked at how good it is.

A lot of framed and unframed work, plus jewelry, cards, etc. Sorry to be so very late with this (the opening starts in 45 minutes, but it's up for a month).

Simply Chicago Art
1318 Oakton
Evanston IL 60202

1:00-5:00 Artist reception

Julian Cox
Mark Hudson
Diane Kast
Ausrine Kerr
Cynthia King
Grace Kroll
Jessica Q Lucas
Beth McKenna
Margaret Roche
Yvi Russell
Ann C Schmidt
Tery Veras
Joe Taylor

Finally, the Evanston Art Center Noyes Print Shop has its Spring Print show in the basement at the shop (I just found out about this, oddly enough, even though I'm apparently in it). It's this Sunday afternoon (I think) -- will update with actual hours. The show will be up for at least a month. Since I'm there every Friday morning, you can always drop by then to see the work. All unframed, pinned to the wall. I'll try to get more info to you soon.

Now I suppose I must get dressed.

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