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Sunday, May 24, 2009
A Couple of Drawings
This is a little pencil drawing of the plants at the edge of a path in Gillson Park. You'll note the messy background -- I started putting in trees etc., but then erased them all out, just concentrating on the border. Not wonderful, but the first drawing I've done outdoors in quite some time.

And here's, oddly enough, a little watercolor. Clearly I'm not good at this kind of thing, though I like the red trees in the background and the spring-ey yellow-greens. The stalks in the foreground were supposed to be trees, but the lines got too wobbly.

For me, watercolor is incredibly difficult, since you need restraint and have only one shot to get it right (yes, I realize there are those who scrape out mistakes or mend with gouache, etc.). I am always fascinated that for some reason it's mostly done by amateurs these days. Clearly they know something I don't.


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