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Thursday, May 21, 2009
Invasive Species -- Spring

Click on it for a bigger image. This is my submission for the PrintZero exchange. It's stone litho, intaglio, and stencil all on a relief background. If I'd had time, I might have thrown in silkscreen for the full monte. The background is really a little more yellowy-greenish than it may appear -- is done on cream BFK.

Am dying to see the submissions. The Iowa exchange postcards I got back were really great this time around, tho only one or two actually stuck to the theme -- feel ashamed of my hideous aquatint, so ashamed I may end up redoing it.

So, folks. When/where is the next exchange? I may be forced to work on Darkdevil County or paint if I can't find one.

Or go outside and groove on the amazing weather.

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