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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
A Different Kind of Courthouse Artist
A Different Kind of Courthouse Artist
Dr. Siffert, 90, a former chairman of the orthopedic surgery department at Mount Sinai Medical Center, is a self-taught artist and printmaker. He carves the woodcuts and, to make the prints, uses watercolor pigments rather than oil-based paints or inks. Some of his prints dance a tango of fiery colors; others are subdued.

“People ask me how come I’m doing woodcuts,” Dr. Siffert said. “I played around with drawings. I did linoleum. I didn’t like the medium. It’s too soft. It didn’t give me any sense of playback. The other thing is, as an orthopedic surgeon, the medium I work in is bone, and wood and bone are really very good for getting the results I want.”
Via Utrecht Twitter feed.

Good morning, friends. I know I've been saying I'm going out to paint any minute now, but truly, it's stifling out there. Also in here, but at least I have a couple of fans blowing on me at all times. In penance, will try to get a few more of the broken links on the side fixed.

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