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Sunday, June 21, 2009
Happy Father's Day
This is the one day a year when men are allowed to eat big omelets with cheese and ham with a side of bacon, plus biscuits with gravy, nice strong coffee with a beer chaser, and then take a nap and not be pestered with chores. And no vegetables except maybe jalapeno poppers all day long.

I realize this is the suburban image of Father's Day, since tons of fathers have to work today, aren't married, ignore their kids, beat their wives, etc. etc.

Still, it's the one day even the worst father in the world would like to live the dream.

Next door neighbor is playing catch with his kids and looks really happy running around with them.

I lost my father a long time ago, didn't know him well when I was growing up (he was a single dad, since my mother died when I was very young) -- always working a lot trying to support 2 sets of parents, brothers, and me too. Recall his grim desperation to find a new mother for me -- the possibles occasionally trotted out at a party, where they tried to look impressed when I was made to recite my ABCs.

Cholesterol may rule today, but not tomorrow. We want to keep you guys around a little longer.

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