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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Bear Down
Chicago Bears!

Have taken the position today that my power to cause the Bears to fumble and generally be stupid only applies to regular season games. I can safely watch playoffs and Super Bowls with Bears playing in them, tho I'm pretty sure I can cause Grossman to throw an incomplete pass pretty much at will. With that in mind, I'm not watching the TV any time he steps out of the pocket.

Perhaps my powers are being deflected toward the far superior Saints offensive line who are slipping and sliding and dropping everything (except this last posession before halftime). Perhaps the snow is doing it by casting a reflective veil.

Second half ready to go. Do I dare watch? Do I?

UPDATE: Wait just a goll darn minute here. This time I DIDN'T watch and it's a 2 point game. Can't a person blog and check the headlines? Can't a person go to the bathroom? I better get back downstairs and stare at the screen.

UPDATE: I guess a person can go to the can when it means they come back and find out the Bears are going to the Super Bowl. Unreal! The streets are silent outside, because everyone is inside yelling and screaming and drinking. Oh, yes.

Wanted to post the Superbowl Shuffle (from the 85 Bears), one of the silliest and worst videos ever made, but it's been removed from everywhere online probably because it's suddenly a valuable item again.

So expect hundreds of YouTube versions shortly. Is the current team as quirky and loveable as the old Bears?

Not in a million years.

p.s.: the cops are out in force right now with their breathalizers.

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