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Friday, January 05, 2007
Not A Whole Lot Of Cat Blogging
But you can get your art cat fix here:

Cat Art Gallery

Also provides a link to Cats in Sinks.

Yes, cats in sinks, much like snakes on a plane. You get what you pay for.

Other than that, am slowly beginning to work on a new print (another hand -- what can you do?). Am fascinated by hands and feet -- the most readily available body parts an artist can draw. Also, how complex and frighteningly ugly they are. As you are drawing them you get caught up in all the folds and wrinkles and hairs in weird places.

Another warm day today. Didn't wear a coat to the studio (or socks -- don't tell anyone).

One pile of snow from the not-so-awful storm in November still sits in a corner of the grocery store parking lot, looking black and evil, in a melty way. One hopes a PT Cruiser isn't stuck in there somewhere.

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