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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Great News!
Just got an email from CPC:
The 17th Annual Small Print Show at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative CONTINUES....! (in fact, it will be up thru the beginning of February...) Featuring small printworks and artist-made gifts by members of the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
and invited guests...

Drop by, have a treat and pick up the unique gift of ART - there are still lots of prints on the walls! In fact, it's a completely different show than what we started with, and many new images grace the space.

In other BIG news, we now take CREDIT CARDS (Visa And Mastercard)!!

We really held on to the Renaissance-era way of doing things for so long, but alas, the 21st century has overtaken us and it seems that this will make things easier on most of you. For a print studio used to inking up plates the old fashioned way, this is a big leap!

We have also extended our holiday hours! The CPC will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 21-23 from 12 - 5pm

After Christmas, we will be open Saturdays, 12-5 AND BY APPOINTMENT.

Exhibition will be on display through February 3rd, 2007.
Here's where they're at:
The Chicago Printmakers Collaborative is located at
4642 N Western Ave., in Lincoln Square,
across the street from the CTA Brown Line el stop at Western.
Have finally finished my commission piece -- ended up taking far, far longer than I thought, but it's done, so I'm ready to move on again.

But move on where?

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