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Friday, December 08, 2006
Not Going Anywhere
Due to a shooting in one of the office towers attached to the downtown Metra station at just about rush hour, all the trains have been stopped into and out of the loop. 50,000 plus people will be trying to get on the same train all at once.

Better to sit in a bar for a long long time until things straighten out.

No trains yet. They usually go by every few minutes until 6:30 or so.

Was interesting watching the reports on TV -- all the reporters seemed to want the people stuck in the building or evacuated to talk about chaos and how terrible it all was, but they all seemed very calm and talked about how organized the evacuations were. You sensed their frustration that the story wasn't bigger and bloodier.

Gunman apparently shot and killed by swat team (or maybe not). 4 others wounded.

Oh, boy. Here comes a train going the wrong direction! And now one running in the right direction. Doesn't look overstuffed.

Evening, friends. Don't forget about the sales this weekend. I will be at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative sale and the EAC sale, Sat and Sun for both sales. And as always, at sacred art on Roscoe, and at Green Lantern in Mineral Point, WI.

And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can always email me. Right now, prices for my prints (unframed, unmatted, just as nature intended) run about 15 to 75 bucks, since I work very small and cheaply at the moment. A few (like some multiplate etchings or monoprints) may run higher. If you want something matted, I'll cut a custom mat for the piece (for a little extra, of course). I'd rather not frame if I'm shipping it, but for a price it's all good.

And now I must continue to help Granny and her kitties.

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