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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Dear God, NO!
S. Dakota's Sen. Johnson has possible stroke - Politics - MSNBC.com
NEW YORK - Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S. D., has been hospitalized with symptoms described as stroke-like. The seriousness of his illness has not been disclosed.

In addition to concern about Johnson's immediate health, his illness draws political concern in that the Democrats currently hold a 51-49 advantage in seats, giving them control of the Senate.

The governor of South Dakota is Republican Mike Rounds. Should there be a vacancy as a consequence of Johnson's illness and Rounds appoints a Republican to fill the term, that would make the count 50 Demorats and 50 Republicans. Under the rules of the Senate, ties votes are settled by the vote of the vice president - currently Republican Dick Cheney - effectively giving control of the Senate to the Republicans.
Speedy recovery, Senator, please! And whatever you do, DO NOT RESIGN! I don't care how ill you are.

Perhaps we were celebrating too much. This is what happens.

No, it's all my fault. The only reason the Bears have been winning is that I haven't watched them play. I have clearly been dancing on the grave of the GOP too vigorously. I'm sorry. I won't do it again.

Only PLEASE let Senator Johnson be well. If you can keep Cheney ticking with bits of scotch tape and spare parts from a Chevy Nova, you can keep this good man going.

(This is sounding too snide and frivolous now. I'm sorry. I really should get slapped sometimes.)

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