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Monday, December 11, 2006
Free Singing Printmakers
In an email from Deb:
it's that time again, kiss and tickle the babies, make sure the bigger kids have been good and put that cat out because it's...

Sons of the Never Wrong Free Annual Holiday Show!

If you do nothing else in 2006, come on by and let the Sons thank you for all your support with a free show, cookies, candy, and of course really, really expensive free presents for everyone!

As usual we will have a donation bucket for our friend Art Theime... Among the special guests this year will be Rafe Bradford on bass, and a incredible collection of folks and their kids opening with holiday songs (not to name drop, but there's gonna be the likes of Andrew Calhoun, Jennifer & Robin Bienemann & their assorted family members, and even Evan Silver, plus others...!).

Thursday, December 14th at The Abbey
3420 W.Grace St. @ Elston Chicago IL.
tel: (773) 478-4408
Doors: 7 pm. Showtime: 8 pm

Don't forget the Abbey has wonderful Irish and Pub fare for dinner too! We're very pleased to announce that his show is ALL NON SMOKING, so feel free to bring the kids (just watch what they're drinking...)

Now if we don't see ya until 2007, happy holidays to you and yours from Bruce, Deb, and Sue - Sons of the Never Wrong www.sons.com
And I second it. This is a really good group.

Also, the CPC Small Print Show is up thru the end of January (I think), assuming there's anything left. Go this Saturday, if you can, and pick up something fabulous.

People, this is work by some of the top print artists in the city, if not in the country. I am honored to have been asked to participate these last few years. You will never anywhere else find wonderful works of art for in most cases UNDER 50 DOLLARS. Many in the 30 dollars region. YOU CAN'T GET A STUPID POSTER FOR THAT! This is all hand made, signed monoprints and editioned work, created by the actual artist, money going to the actual artist and a small cut to the CPC.

Enough yelling.

I think the sale did well this past weekend, and the others where I have my work seem to be brisk. Think it's a bit better than last year.

Anyway, free music at the Abbey (very good acoustics there and intimate stage -- the contra dancers used to dance there a few years ago).

I have some pix of all of these shows somewhere in the camera. Will shake the bits out tomorrow and upload them.

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