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Friday, December 29, 2006
Why We're Fat
Just back from shopping spree at Target (had to force myself to buy stuff, even stuff I kinda need).

(oops -- apparently hit the "publish" button prematurely -- here's the rest of the post:)

Since I keep losing cutlery in the couch (or maybe it falls off into the trash that's so conveniently located under the kitchen table), thought I'd get some new forks and spoons.

I didn't actually try it at the store, but I don't think any of the stuff there could fit in my mouth. I'm not exaggerating (this time). I kept looking a the box thinking I picked up the serving set by mistake, but no. These things were HUGE. Tines on the fork had to be at least 3 inches long. The "salad fork" was bigger than a regular fork (good, I suppose...) And the spoons!

I may go back to the store with camera.

Bought the only long robe in the store. What's with these shortie things for winter? All sold out?

Now that it's home, I realize it reeks of cigarette smoke. Guess it sat under the tree for a wee bit too long at someone's house before being returned. It's an odd shade, closer to cadmium red light than you usually think of for xmas.

And another thing. Is it still possible to buy an ordinary pair of sweat pants that actually cover your bottom (and your front)? I don't think so. Bought something that's a pretty color (green) but I think they're just a wee bit too sexy to appear in public in, since I'm afraid I'm unwilling to show the items in question to just anyone.

Good evening, friends. You may have figured out I really hate to shop. Also bought some lamp shades that are just a little bit too short, so may end up bringing them back and exchanging them for a larger size (tho am certain there will be no larger size, or there will only be one of them or it will be an ugly style).

Grumble, grumble. What I really wanted was a little CD player for about 30 bucks that plays MP3s too. I know they exist. If anyone has a recommendation, let me know.

God, I hate fashion. Could not find a new pair of slippers to save my life. All are scuffs or giant mops. I want the slipon kind that cover the ankle, since, along with my knees, my ankle bones get cold.

Grumble grumble again. Now that I've made the first foray out, will try again next week after they in desperation mark things down again.

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