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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Greetings From the Field
I am so powerful. Remember when I told you below that if I even look at the TV when the Bears are playing, they fumble? Well, it happened. I was canvassing up in Waukegan today for Dan Seals and made the mistake of glancing at some guy's TV when he opened the door.

I apologize.

Have spent the last few days canvassing door to door for Tammy Duckworth and Dan Seals, 5 or 6 hours each day, but today, at least, the weather was perfect.

At this point, I don't know what else we can do, how else we can convince the people struggling with a decision. I think the Duckworth decision is the easier one -- it's not a vote against a powerful incumbent, as Henry Hyde was. In Seals case, people somehow still believe that Kirk is a moderate, but he's not.

Maybe this will work: when the Democrats gain majority in the House, whatever power or favors Kirk has WILL BE LOST. The committee memberships will go, the pork projects will get postponed, he will become a mere shadow of himself.

So take a chance on young Dan. Check out his website. His credentials are stellar, and he's far from a wild-eyed radical. The 10th CD is a hard one to serve, since some of the most appalling poorest areas (like parts of Waukegan) and some of the richest (Lake Forest and Kenilworth) must be served by a single person.

I will probably rest my feet tomorrow, then will do precinct work all day election day, from opening the polls at 6 am, poll watching all day, and closing the polls at 7 pm.

If you can volunteer for places like Waukegan, please call the Seals office. We need to scrape every vote we can get off the voter lists.

I hear we're supposed to have good weather for election day. I better not look out the window, tho, because I might jinx it.

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