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Saturday, November 18, 2006
Chance Occurences & Natural Forms
... is the title of a new show opening Sunday, Nov. 19 3-5 at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center with work by Vera Scekic, Rebecca Shore, and Katie Vojta.

They just finished hanging the show and it's stunning. I particularly like Vera Scekic's pieces, not quite paintings, not quite collages, not quite sculptures, not quite installations.

In the largest, she painted a large white square (maybe 8 or 10 feet) on the gray gallery walls and filled it with row after row of melted resinous, plasticy blobs, each with its own personality. You blink your eyes, thinking they've blurred, and that you can't read the "text", as though it's from outer space (or maybe you are). But the longer you look, you start providing a narrative.

Perhaps I'm interested in all these works because I've been doing bug shapes in the invasive species series (that I'll get back to Real Soon Now). Many of Vojta's collages are layered deep, in resin or encaustic or something. In the best of them, you are sucked down into their depths and can stay there for a long time. Shore's gouache and/or tempera mitochondria-like shapes are meticulous and obsessive.

Definitely hope the artists will be at the opening, since I have questions for these people.

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