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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
A Few Final Thoughts
... as my hair drips onto the keyboard, for I am off to pollwatch in a few minutes:

1) If you registered to vote using the Motor Voter form, or the form downloaded from the internet, you know you have to show ID the first time you vote using that address. Please bring more ID than you think you legally need.

2) If you just changed your name because of marriage, you didn't have to reregister, but they might not find you on the list, but you're legal, so make sure they find you.

3) If you moved within the precinct, you can fill out the change of address there.

4) If you moved within the county, go to your old precinct.

5) If all else fails, vote by provisional ballot. Your status will be investigated after the election and the vote will count. If it's a tight race this can be huge.

I know, you should have checked this stuff months ago, but things happen at the last minute. Polling placess move at the last minute, too, so don't assume the place to vote is the same place you voted last time. If you're reading this, you have the ability to check online using the links at the side, so please do.

For the primary here I went to the Library (where I'd voted for 15 years) but was surprised to find it had moved to some church.

No, I was not struck dead when I entered. Let that be a lesson, I think.

I haven't had coffee, and Starbucks isn't open.

Here I go. Wish us luck.

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