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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Soo....... Anything New?
Back from Waukegan, all Lake County results in now for Seals -- going to be a real nail biter -- still waiting on the Cook County results. The precinct I worked had Kirk and Seals 4 votes apart at the end, with Seals on top. Unbelievable. I think I personally dragged those 4 to the polls, too. I knew the Republicans were getting nervous when I actually saw someone going door to door for Kirk. When was the last time they ever thought they'd have to do that?

Hoping the Cook County results will put him over the top. Cook is generally the more Democratic county. Hear they've been having machine problems in transmitting results (not surprised). Lake County was a breeze, very well organized. Bilingual election judges at my precinct too, which surprised me and was a very good thing. I was leaving literature with at-home kids and teens with instructions to them to explain it to their folks when they came home and make sure they got out to vote.

The last voter came in at exactly 7:00 and had a note on her card that 2 forms of ID were required because she was a lapsed voter -- she only had one. So we sent her back to her car to scrounge around for bills or whatever. She found her passport, so was good to go.

It was kind of fun -- we gave a rousing round of applause for all the "round number" voters -- 100th, 200th, etc. and ate a lot of donuts.

Whatever happens, we did the best we could. The plan works. The GOP dirty tricks (the robo-calls especially) and stuff we probably haven't heard about yet (like sign stealing -- had all my precinct signs taken down twice today) keep voters away unless they really understand what's happening and reward the guilty appropriately.

I've been up since 4, and am completely dead.

What can I say? It didn't rain, and it didn't snow, and we did what we could.

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