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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
More on Gallery Mornea
Just came from there, checking out what might have been an excellent show mounted in conjunction with the Evanston Art Center (but seems to have been pared down substantially due to issues beyond the gallery's (and EAC's) control). Will have more on it, when I know more.

But while there saw the flyer about a book signing for Bert Menco -- two books, actually, one a lovely color book with Bert's drawings and prints and little poems by Bernd Lindemann called "Visions and Voices" (a somewhat lame title, but it's beautifully printed and Bert's work looks great). The other book is a tale (also by Lindemann) called "Dragon Killer," with b&w line illustrations by Bert.

Anyway, the book signing is Friday, December 1, from 6 - 10 pm, at Gallery Mornea, one of the last events the gallery will have.

While I was there today, someone who wants to put in a clothing boutique was looking the place over with a realtor. So it goes. We're in the wrong line of business.

But as long as I have your attention, want to give a nice little plug to Pacfolio, a maker (or distributor, perhaps) of great cello wrap -- very clear, doesn't seem to split or shrink. Don't know how archival it is (should prob. check, of course). I need to wrap up a whole bunch of stuff for all these sales, so went over to their showroom on Tuohy off McCormick to pick up a roll -- not in stock. Back ordered, not due in until next week, maybe.

So the nice showroom person insisted on giving me a big, opened sample roll "to tide me over." She was genuinely concerned that I wouldn't be able to get my stuff out in time. So very sweet, hence the plug.

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