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Monday, April 24, 2006
Little Black Dress

Or rather, 800 of them stitched together as Dawn Bennett's MFA project.

It's for sale at this link, but hurry -- only 3 more days.

eBay: Original Handmade Black Dress (item 9306328531 end time Apr-27-06 15:00:00 PDT)

Many of you may remember Dawn from SAIC 4 or 5 years ago, or had used her services as a portfolio photographer (I did -- she did good, affordable work when she was still in Chicago). Many of us wept when she left and have not had slides produced since.

Part of the MFA was a performance broadcast from Alfred U. (in NY) via webcam. I caught only the tail end of it -- when the lights came up and they were trying to get her out of the dress. Someone must have figured out that the camera was still live and she would shortly be naked for all the internet to see and so killed the camera.

Check out the dress. And good luck, Dawn. Hope you come back and visit us some day.

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