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Sunday, April 02, 2006
SAIC BFA Show, Take 1
I knew we were in for a fine evening when I rode up in the elevator with this pair:

Here they are in action. Installation has something to do with writing or drawing on stones (I drew grass).

Then there's Dominique Maciejka and Clare Ros's "Celebrity Artist" performance/publication: utterly hilarious. I'm not sure whether they've put this online anywhere or not, but if you can get a copy, you're one of the lucky ones:

I came by with my camera, and the guy handing out the tabloid said, "Oh, look! The papparazi have arrived!"


But with a thoughtful point:
"The act of being a celebrity is the art. It's like a Catch-22! What kind of artist are you? I'm a celebrity! What kind of celebrity are you ? I'm an artist! This is 5-D, life art. Reality-reality."
The guy at the velvet rope also said, "Hey, they're giving out nipples around the corner."

So I slipped around the corner, and it was true:

This is the artist, Sara Thompson:

I chose a green nipple.

That's it for part one. I'll try to get back this week to see more. It seemed a bit better than last year, especially the painting.

And especially the one stunning painting by Ben Cowan that still smelled new.

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