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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Dan Seals in the 10th CD
If you live under Republican governage in the 10th Congressional District in Illinois (Wilmette, Highland Park, Lake Forest, etc.) go out and vote right now for Dan Seals to beat Mark Kirk in the fall.

Go on, there's still plenty of time. Polls are open until 7 pm.

Down here in the 9th we don't have much controversy, so I think turnout will probably be low, but youse guys better hop to.

On Stroger/Claypool I'm of two minds, but the current mind says Claypool, since Stroger is definitely ailing and if re-elected would most likely have to be replaced. Zorn at the Trib has written about this, and I've heard it from others that you don't want the back room boys deciding who to take over as leader of Cook County if he must step down.

Thank God I don't have to make a decision on the Cegalis/Duckworth situation, which IMHO should never have been allowed to occur, since a viable candidate already existed in the 6th. But there you go. Start planning the Unity dinner NOW.

Finally, Blago/Eisendrath. The guv ain't perfect, and if the worst Eisendrath can say about him is that he's "under investigation" (and it seems to be the only thing he has been saying about him except to tease us into hoping he really will juggle chainsaws -- the stupidest commercial I've seen), we say who isn't under investigation these days? Politically driven investigation, I might add.

Blago has done some dumb things, but he actually does have a record of good things to stand on, in particular, medical coverage for all children in Illinois, making sure pharmacists fill ALL prescriptions regardless of whether they personally believe in contraception, or viagra, or whatever -- Illinois is the only state that has such a law. And he stood up to those who wanted to overturn the overtime rules and did an end around of the federal attempt to screw people out of their earnings. And he took a stand on getting prescription drugs from Canada along with Jim Doyle of Wisconsin.

So there. Instead of reading this, get out and vote.

And let the Unity dinners begin...

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