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Sunday, March 19, 2006
Ill. Republicans seem to be struggling
Hey, I didn't come up with the title of this blogging, but I approve this message. And if I can do anything else to make their lives difficult, I will:

Ill. Republicans seem to be struggling
These are tough times for the Illinois Republican Party.

Their former leader is on trial on corruption charges. The biggest name in the party decided not to run for governor. The people who did run are slinging mud and calling each other names like "moron."
For a race that one hopes is ultimately meaningless, these guys are spending A LOT of money on TV.

Any time someone says Judy Baar Topinka is the frontrunner, I have to thoroughly agree that, as the face of a party that is utterly bankrupt and corrupt, her mauled-by-wolves face is the face of the party.

Any time someone says she's the future, moderate face of the party, I say "Alan Keyes." He was the only person they could scrape up to run against Barack Obama last cycle. And since she was actually the official head of the Republican Party in Illinois at the time, the fact that she spent nearly 6 months avoiding the so-called moderates who apparently supported her (even ducking behind potted palm trees at the Republican National Convention) her leadership skills seem feeble at best. A great quote from her, regarding support for Keyes:
After being cagey about whether she personally intends to vote for him, the state treasurer eventually told reporters in the face of repeated questioning that she was on board Keyes' campaign and would vote for him over Obama.

"I'm the party chairman. What do you think I'm going to do? Vote vegetarian or something?" she said."C'mon, get serious."
I never thought it showed a lot of leadership when you're actually the leader of the party to let the Keyes types march all over you. As we always say, imagine if it were the Dems...

And so good evening, friends.

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