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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Patriot Act
Russ Feingold for President.

I mean it. I really, really mean it.

In his last campaign, all the volunteers were wearing these great t-shirts that had spines down the back, and now you know why.

I need to get me one.

Several bloggers have pointed out that if you're worried about speaking out and offending the 34 percent now supporting Bush, you'll lose the 66 percent who hate the SOB.

The useful AMERICAblog as is often the case has great links today, in particular to a fed-up Molly Ivins at the Progressive:
Every Democrat I talk to is appalled at the sheer gutlessness and spinelessness of the Democratic performance. The party is still cringing at the thought of being called, ooh-ooh, “unpatriotic” by a bunch of rightwingers.

Take “unpatriotic” and shove it. How dare they do this to our country? “Unpatriotic”? These people have ruined the American military! Not to mention the economy, the middle class, and our reputation in the world. Everything they touch turns to dirt, including Medicare prescription drugs and hurricane relief.

This is not a time for a candidate who will offend no one; it is time for a candidate who takes clear stands and kicks ass.
Amen. Howard Dean, help us out here. Can't you make sure the party finally gets it? This is why we all voted for you to take the reins, after all. Where the f*** are you? And why aren't you on every talk show selling spine?

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