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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Art News of My Own
We interrupt the discussion of the 2006 SAIC BFA Show (go to it, please) to bring you news of my own activities, which is why you may not see me here for a few days.

Will be showing the square paintings at John Galt in conjunction with the NOVA show, part of Art Exhaustion Weekend. Since none of them (maybe one) had been mounted or framed, will be found in my basement chopping and gluing and sneezing until they get delivered on the 16th. Sorry for the interruption, but this thing came up suddenly.

So, everyone, go to the NOVA show, and then slip around the corner to Galt, next door to the Alley. You all know the Alley, right? It's where you get your tattoos, piercings, sex toys, leather, bongs....

Oh, and if you have time, you can check out Art Chicago in the Park, and other activities that I'll blog shortly.

Unfortunately, it's Spring today, and I just want to be out there painting daffodils or something.

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