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Friday, April 21, 2006
Before It Scrolls Away
The Tank Cosy, via Boing Boing:

Good Friday evening, friends. Printed much of the day to little avail. Have been playing around with some soft-ground lifts, in particular chiffon lifts, which give an excellent approximation of an aquatint with little of the angst and nail-biting, will-it-work-or-won't-it that aquatinting tends to do.

This one is for the knitters who still occasionally drop by to pick up my knee-warmers pattern. NB: I wear mine a lot even though they're ugly.

A reminder: The opening reception for the EAC "Hunt and Gather" Benefit (the free event) is this Sunday from 1 to 4. I will probably show up at some point. Check it out . If you have a really, really fast connection, click on the link to the gallery images. Mine is in there somewhere, way at the bottom. But you better have a fast connection or else set it going and go watch a sitcom or something for awhile.

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