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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Bradley Collection News
At Milwaukee Art Museum:

Timeless, matchless
To honor her and her collection, the museum has rethought the presentation of the artworks in a major way. On Thursday, after being off view for several months, the newly reorganized Bradley Collection will be unveiled, honoring the 30th anniversary of the original opening of the collection. A weekend of celebratory events, including the return of former director Tracy Atkinson, will follow.
I MUST get up to see the changes. Good, lengthy article mentions that some of the wonderful views of Lake Michigan have been walled off so as to adjust sight lines, etc., which makes me nervous, since it was one of the charms of the collection.

Article is dated April 1st, so have missed all the opening celebrations and postmortems.

Maybe next week. Uh, will still be resting up from Art Exhaustion, 2006. Maybe the following week.

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