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Monday, May 23, 2005
Morning With the Gals
Good morning, friends. I don't know that I have much to say. Riverbend at Baghdad Burning pretty much says it all:
She stood in the crowded room as her drove of minions stood around her...A huddling mass trying to draw closer to her aura of evil. The lights flashed against her fangs as her cruel lips curled into a grimace. It was meant to be a smile but it wouldn't reach her cold, lifeless eyes... It was a leer- the leer of the undead before a feeding...

The above was not a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer- it was just Condi Rice in Iraq a day ago. At home, we fondly refer to her as The Vampire. She's such a contrast to Bush- he simply looks stupid. She, on the other hand, looks utterly evil.
I love this pic:

Also, I don't get Laura's sudden foray into deep-thought politics and women's rights:

Mrs. Bush Endorses Mubarak Election Plan
She said she feels that the American presence in the Middle East and Southwest Asia "is really wanted and is needed" to ensure nation-building and peacemaking.
Well, maybe not all that deep after all. But why isn't the so-called liberal press leaping all over her for all this? They still do every time Hillary Clinton opens her mouth, and she's actually supposed to now that she's a senator.

Think Laura's planning to run against Condi for president?

Is another beautiful day out there, hence am in the library again. Leaving now, however.

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