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Thursday, November 11, 2004
Terror Chain Yanked Down, So It Can Be More Easily Yanked Up Again
Financial Institutions In Blue States Marked With X For Easy Targetting by Terrorists

Shall we list those buildings that are now cleansed of their orange status and perhaps provide the addresses and hours when security guards aren't looking? And aren't we glad to hear this?
Deputy Homeland Security Secretary James Loy said Wednesday that the decision to lower the threat level had nothing to with President Bush's victory in last week's presidential election.

"We don't do politics here at this department," he said. [ed. insert laughter here] "The hardening of the buildings that has occurred has now been accomplished. We are able to do this now."
I imagine that if Kerry had been elected, the level would have been raised, because, as we all know, the terrorists wanted Kerry to win.

Sad day for many in the world with the passing of Yassir Arafat, one of the last fighters of his generation. Here's hoping the new generation of leaders (on both sides) can find a way to peace and a reality-based solution.

And they're feeding us a lot of crap about what's happening in Fallujah, as other cities are falling right and left.

I have much stuff to do today, but will check back, and am determined to find a piece of good news as well. Anyone with a Democratic success story, please let me know. Will finally be doing some gallery hopping tomorrow with friend, and will try to be alert and take notes. Dying to see some of the new shows.

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