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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
No Surrender
... yeah, right.

Greetings from the Peoples Republic of Illinois, the state that's black and white and red blue all over.

Or perhaps I should form a new nation called Minwisinois and declare myself emperor, kinda like Bush.

That's right, for me, no surrender. Never, not an inch. He stole this election. We just haven't figured out how he did it yet.

We left Wausau around 10 am, pretty much not saying anything the whole way back in the car, so tired were we, but still a little hopeful, because there were still absentee ballots to count and provisional court battles to look forward to, and then the fight on the floor of the House and perhaps the Supremes would get a chance to sing again.

But at a toll booth outside Rockford, the attendant saw the obvious signs still in the windows and on the car and, with a sad voice, told us to turn on the radio because Kerry was speaking. "The worst news?" I said. "Yeah," he said.

I was wearing these cheap wraparound sunglasses over my ordinary wirerims and cried so hard it was like being under water and the right lens popped out. Try doing that in the middle of an expressway going about 80 (since all I wanted to do was to get home so I could blog all this).

We worked hard, and it worked out just fine in Wisconsin.

We worked hard, and it worked out not so much in Florida and Ohio.

We'll cry and learn and drink a lot before we figure it all out, and then with luck we'll impeach the son-of-a-bitch and send the whole lot of them to The Hague for trial.

I find I don't need to update this blog's description much at all, nor change all the links just yet.

I'm still on your case, Karl.

Voter registration in Illinois has resumed as of today. I'm patient.

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