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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Christmas Morning
It started at 6 am trying to wake up, then braving the frosty air for waving signs and rattling cowbells at the major intersection leading to the main bridge into town. Honking and shivering, and a squad of young girls (Young Democrats) keeping our spirits up with hops and leaps and cheers and making the whole electoral process fun.

Then phoning, and canvassing, and phoning, and canvassing, and phoning, and canvassing again and again, and phoning until the very last possible minute. And then someone found the pile of six requests for rides to the polls that someone forgot.

Ooops. If Wisconsin loses by 6 votes, the Wausau staffers will flagellate themselves for the next four years.

We are all so exhausted. Everyone is over at the Labor Temple (yes, it's really called that) trying to digest sloppy joes and good thick slices of sausage and cheese and really wishing they were elsewhere. So I came elsewhere, since I wanted to see the Illinois results and sit around in my underwear for awhile.

I may never make it back. Right now I could care less who's president, because I worked as hard as I possibly could.

It's like those presents I opened but was too over-excited to play with on Christmas morning. Will play with them later, or maybe tomorrow. Camera is full of interesting shots (not all cow pictures, honestly) I want to unload once I have a fast connection again.

Maybe when they start declaring Wisconsin and Michigan and Iowa and Minnesota for Kerry I'll perk up again. Right now I want to take a shower because I stink so bad.

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