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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Wisconsin Stories
I am canvassing in a hilly area, up and down the streets. One guy I'd first marked as "not home" drives in, sees me, and leaps out of his car to tell me how good things were with Clinton. "That's what I've been telling everyone. Do you really think things are better now than they were then? The paper was full of jobs. You could pick anything you wanted. Remember those zones in Iraq? All Saddam had to do was stick his toe out and Clinton would send a bomber in to tune him up. Why couldn't Bush do that? Why doesn't anyone remember? God, I loved that man. When I saw the picture of him at the rally he looked sick, but it brought it all back. God, I want those days back! God, yes I'm voting for Kerry!"

An elderly lady comes to the door: "Why on earth would you come here? Can't you see the sign in the yard? [ed. I didn't, actually, but she was on the list] So I sorta apologize for bothering her, but she stops me. "You know, when they put the sign up I was sure I was voting for Bush but so much has happened, I'm not sure anymore." [ed. I do my thing about healthcare and jobs and that he's just a very good man] She sighs. "Gimme that literature again. I've got to think."

Wausau has a very large population of immigrants from Laos. I go to the door of a house where many names are listed as residing. Only a ten-year old boy knows enough English to answer my questions, but patiently we sort out the citizens from the non-citizens. And the rest? "Kerry!" he says. And the others in the room know the name and all nod and repeat, "Kerry!"

Good morning, friends, though because of the time change you may still be sleeping in. I'm not, and will soon report for duty.

Just heard about the 8 soldiers killed yesterday. And "Allawi" today says
Allawi said there was no deadline for talks with Fallujah leaders aimed at finding a peaceful resolution. But he said if no deal is reached, "I have no choice but to secure a military solution."

"I will do so with a heavy heart, for even with the most careful plan there will be some loss of innocent lives," he said. "But I owe, owe it to the Iraqi people to defend them from the violence and the terrorists and insurgents."
Ummmm.... what have we been doing over there for the past year? Isn't it a military solution? What the f**k is "he" talking about? Is that's Rove's surprise? Nuke 'em till they glow? I wouldn't put it past him.

But must dress, etc. Max Cleland is supposed to vist with us at 1:30 today, and do some phoning, too. And most likely be on TV doing all these things.

And there is a theory that the if the Washington Redskins lose the football game closest to the election, the democrats win. Or something like that.


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