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Thursday, November 04, 2004
When It Rains It Pours
Elizabeth Edwards diagnosed with breast cancer
WASHINGTON - Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, was diagnosed with breast cancer the day her husband and Sen. John Kerry conceded the presidential race.

Spokesman David Ginsberg said Elizabeth Edwards, 55, discovered a lump in her right breast while on a campaign trip last week. Her family doctor told her Friday that it appeared to be cancerous and advised her to see a specialist when she could.

She put off the appointment until Wednesday so as not to miss campaign time.
Take that, you red states. The woman has nearly killed herself for you.

To continue the Christmas analogy I ridiculously started a few bloggings ago, how many lumps of coal in this stocking are there?

Good late-afternoon friends. I apologize to my international readers (of which there are surprisingly many) for the depth of stupidity parts of my country showed by electing Bush and his cronies. I hope the damage he will be doing to this country stays in this country and he doesn't start in on yours.

Have modified some of the links to the side, and will be adding more as time progresses.

I am afraid that Barack Obama got it wrong. There really are red states and blue states, and I'm afraid there is no longer a true United States. This makes me incredibly sad.

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