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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
They Show Their True Colors
Hard right awarded key roles in Capitol
Sen. Dale Schultz, the moderate Republican who was elected Senate majority leader in an upset Tuesday, quickly awarded three key appointments to champions of the hard right.
I can't stop worrying about the people of Wisconsin. Their state legislature is split 19-14 in favor of the right wing.

However, their Democratic members have come out swinging, taking immediate ownership of "values" right out from underneath them.
"We're going to focus on values," said [Dem. Judy Robson of Beloit], listing a living wage, good schools, good health care, and enough food for children as some of the "family values" the Senate Democrats will push.

Gov. Jim Doyle [ed. Democrat] has advanced increases in the state's minimum wage, but Republican lawmakers have stalled the legislation.
Yeah, baby!

I have a friend visiting for a few days, so posting will be light. Was a glorious day today, warm, no rain, and good conversation with someone I haven't seen in far too long.

So will make the rounds and maybe be back a little later, or not.

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