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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Sad Morning
A friend came up with a novel idea today -- the reason why Bush doesn't care about the the future is that the Rapture is nearly upon us, and so who cares about the deficit? We can spend and spend and spend because there will be no consequences. We don't need Social Security, or health care, because we'll all be in heaven, or elsewhere. And a righteous fire will sweep the land, cleansing the environment with God's Will.

Be afraid of this man. And this one, too.

Does anyone know why they're slaughtering people in Fallujah? Who are these "insurgents" anyway? I don't believe anything they tell us. The only thing that talks is the dead, by their absence, and they're talking louder and louder each day.

I'm so afraid people will stop paying attention, through sheer exhaustion, now that Bush has "won." He's out there today with Laura doing his "pastoral" duties at some hospital, spending 15 minutes with soldiers at Walter Reed. Has it happened yet? All I can find so far is news of the visit tacked on to talk about Card staying on as Chief of Staff. You'd think the first visit the man has made to a wounded soldier since MARCH would get more press.

But we don't like to think about 100,000 or more Iraqis slaughtered, more than 1,100 of our own dead, 8,000 wounded. And we don't want to know what wounded means.

Good afternoon, friends. Sorry to be so sad, but perhaps it's one of those stages of grief I just have to get through. Be back later, I promise.

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