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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Monday Night Lineup
Did anyone else catch Howard Dean on the opening video for Monday Night Football? Was it my imagination? If so, my imagination was wonderful.

Searched the internet and can find nothing about it except a whole bunch of stories suggesting that ABC is trying to dump the ratings-losing game.

ABC could hand off 'Monday Night Football'
In recent years, though, the struggling Disney-owned network has been losing about $150 million annually on Monday Night Football. ABC pays the National Football League $550 million a year for the rights to air the Monday matchups, but advertising revenue doesn't come close to covering the costs.
Other football-themed titles: "Will ABC Sack MNF..", "ABC may pass on MNF...", etc...

If it wasn't my imagination, it was a sly bit of counterprogramming against whoever was in the lineup at the RNC at that moment [ed. they didn't broadcast my Obama, I don't have to listen to their Giuliani/McCain], aka "Fear Factor" -- oops! wrong channel.

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