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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Meanwhile, Back in the Real World
Kentucky Coal Miners Arrested During Protest Against Federal Bankruptcy Laws
"You can't live in coalfield country without knowing someone who died energizing this nation," said Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers of America and one those arrested. "We're not asking for handouts. We've earned everything we've got coming to us."
These are the same coal miners I spoke of here who lost everything when the mine they worked for went bankrupt:
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge William Howard ruled Aug. 9 that Horizon Natural Resources, the nation's fourth-largest coal company, does not have to abide by labor contracts protecting benefits for 1,000 active miners and about 2,300 retirees, including some sick from black lung disease.
And now they've arrested 17 of them for protesting.

Need I remind everyone that tonight was "compassion" night at the RNC convention, though I don't know what the Bush girls had to do with it? I figure they're auditioning for the next "road show" to replace Paris Hilton and that other skank. The high point of the evening for me was when they said that their folks apparently call each other "Bushie" and that yes, they had a hamster too, but he died. And then they passed it to dad in the middle of a baseball field who looked like he'd been having a few and kinda lost track of what he was supposed to be saying.

We have entered the bizarro world, totally.

I had to turn it off, and then I found this article. The armies of compassion are running amok.

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