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Friday, June 23, 2006
Elke Claus at Morpho Gallery
Morpho Gallery

Oh, man oh man oh man. This show is hot. It's called "50 for 50", but some sell for a lot less, like 5 bucks each.

A story: last time I dropped work off at sacred art I saw her work, and the few things she had there blew me away. They are all multi-screen prints, quite small, quarter or 8th of a sheet of BFK or whatever, screen printed in colorful layers. Seeing, here, so many of them together you appreciate how you can use the same couple of dozen screens yet come up with completely unique work all the time.

How we got over to the show is by way of the Pure Painting opening at Woman Made Gallery. ("Eh" was my opinion and that of the friends I was with, except for a few very noteworthy exceptions I'll detail perhaps tomorrow, since it's getting late, and I haven't stopped thinking about the Elke Claus show).

Talked with her about some of the work. She's teaching one of the new, free workshops over at the new Lill Street location (which doesn't just do pottery any longer -- they have a complete print shop now too) -- don't try to register, however, since she says they're filled.

Then looked in the back room -- and found a bunch of prints from print buds like Elizabeth Ockwell and Bert Menco, whose work is currently up en masse at Gallery Mornea, and elsewhere.

So, I'm sorry if I've left this place off the blog and off my gallery hopping trail. Will remedy.

The show is up thru July 1st.

And thanks, Tish, for telling us about the show.

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