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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Yet Another Mediocre Watercolor

Somewhat overworked. Didn't really scan in all that well -- paper is that warm off-white stuff that never seems to scan correctly, so tried to "fix" the warmth in ps, went too far the other direction, etc. So you'll have to imagine something a little in between white and this not-right yellowish color.

Regardless, once again I have no idea how people paint in watercolor and get any results other than a big brownish mess.

I know part of the trick is organization and clean water and rags, but carrying all that on my bike is tricky.

The color of those trees (a greenish/purplish alizarin crimson with a bit of cad red) has always been difficult to come up with, even in oils.

And of course, as always when painting outdoors, the light changes constantly.

Still trying to get back into all this. Is a good thing to start looking again, and not be in the house all the time.

Maybe I should get a pad of actual white paper. Might make things easier. But that would mean spending money, and we're just not doing that right now.

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