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Thursday, July 16, 2009
Messy Gillson Park Drawing

Back from bike ride to Gillson, brought charcoal and bigger pad of paper this time. Thought I'd draw the boats, but ended up doing the line of cars. Difficult (as always) since they kept moving. Have a few Franken-cars, parts of one plus parts of another that parked in its place.

I'm still very bad at drawing them, but something 11-year-old-boy geeky in me likes to keep trying. I have a 8 or 10 paintings of variants of this scene too. Really should collect all of them and post as a Gillson Park Series 2. And still have to redo the original set of 26, since the link no longer works. Work, work, work, when I'd much rather be out on the new bike getting a sunburn.


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