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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Bad Brownies
Didn't think I could ever write that phrase, but maybe I should have said, bad cook, instead.

Somehow I misread and unthinkingly, unreasoningly, and unquestioningly put 2 cups of flour in the batch of brownies I made tonight, communion wafers to go with the milk and Dr Pepper needed for worship at the One True Church of Gillmore Girls & Veronica Mars (chick night -- new episodes!).

I can't remember the last time I made brownies (maybe in high school) and thought the batter was a bit stiff in the bowl.

Ptui, ptui, ptui.

I never thought I could spit out anything with 6 tbsp of cocoa in it.

On further review, the recipe actually called for a HALF CUP of flour.

So now the creativity part comes. They have the texture of dog biscuits, but as we all know, chocolate isn't good for dogs. I'm thinking they need a hot fudge bath, or maybe caramel dressing.

Until I figure it out, into the freezer with them.

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