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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Why Is This Man Smiling?

Even parental notification failed, the issue that Arnie cynically hoped would bring out the "base." LA Times has it here.

Congratulations to all the voters out there who decided to send a message to the GOP: you had your shot and you blew it. We now realize that everything you do turns to shit, and we're not going to take it any longer.

Good morning, coffee drinkers. I particularly like this:
Dogging the governor, as it has for months, was the California Nurses Assn., which organized a luau at the Trader Vic's in the same hotel. As Schwarzenegger's defeats mounted, giddy nurses formed a conga line and danced around the room, singing, "We're the mighty, mighty nurses."
Maybe it's time for a recall election?

Pity we can't do it to Bush-Cheney. Am dreaming of a scenario that would put Nancy Pelosi into office as president: Dem sweep in 2006, Pelosi becomes Speaker. Scandals continue, impeachment, conviction, and removal of Bush and/or resignation causes Cheney's resignation "for health reasons" and/or heart attack. Pelosi graciously steps up to bat.

It could happen. As a friend remarked, you never would have believed the events of these past few years either.

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