Fresh Paint
Monday, November 07, 2005
Picture Perfect, Revisited
.... in oils:

This is the same scene (slightly different angle, since the landscaping people at the park had a big piece of equipment parked right where I'd been the previous time) as below.

I apologize for having been so disorganized lately -- well, for the past year, I guess. Often it seems like having a computer makes things harder to do rather than easier. (Tried to help a friend do a mail-merge this am using Wordperfect and if I'd had a gun would have shot the computer. At one point she told me not to shout at it so loudly, it couldn't hear me. Sad thing is, I'm supposedly good at stuff like this, having actually been paid cash to do it in the past.)

Anyway, when fall weather is lovely like this, it's so heartbreaking, since it's so very brief. Spring, I think, is less so, since it tends to build, and then sits there, all green, for far far too long, all summer long.

But is it art? I don't know. Just because I might like to sit outside and paint it doesn't make it so. But what does?

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