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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
The Continuing Story
I took the Al Franken pic below at a Democratic Party fundraiser hosted by the indispensable Jan Schakowsky. Both spoke briefly (and passionately) about issues close to our liberal hearts, and Al didn't plug his new book hardly at all.

Was seated at Debra Shore's table. She's running for one of the Cook County Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner spots and is eminently qualified to do so, having been an environmental activist for many years. And is a smart and energetic person as well. If you are a registered voter in Cook County, please get in touch with her so you can sign the petition to get her on the ballot. I think she said she probably has enough signatures unless there are a lot of challenges. A lot of people don't realize that you have to live in Cook County and be registered to vote there to sign a petition, but you do. Lake County doesn't count.

Here she is with Jan:

Is eerie how much they look alike.

So. We're now up to Friday on my Stuff-I've-Been-Overly-Occupied-With List. You will recall I had been plugging the open house at the EAC print shop for last weekend, holding out private audiences with self and other printmakers as inducements to come visit.

Sorry, folks. Stuff happens. Will let you know in next blogging about it.

Am writing this from the library today since my at-no-cost-to-myself WIFI from home has a miserable signal owing, most likely, to the enormous amount of construction in the area, walkie-talkies, etc. etc. Or else the gravy train has finally caught up with me and passed me by (you are allowed to squirm at this image and protest, if you like).

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