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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
This and That
Just a reminder to set your TIVO for around 10:30 am tomorrow so you'll have something to savor for days to come.

Scooter Libby gets arraigned tomorrow. Just the first of many, I hope.

With luck, CNN will be there on the courthouse steps and will replay the tape again and again and again and again all day, Terry Schaivo-like*. Wonder if FOX will.

Good evening art lovers. Unfortunately this seems to have become an art-free zone lately, something I'll try to remedy soon. Working on some interesting prints involving plaids and trees and forests that aren't ready to present to the world yet. Soon... soon....

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 70s, so have been gessoing surfaces and will try to get out to paint all day. It's taken awhile, but the colors at Gillson park are astonishing right now, and I found a view of the park I haven't yet painted. Don't have another good big canvas, but will try board.

May try a big pastel drawing. A printer friend gifted me with a whole bunch of excellent quality pastels that she had been gifted with (thanks, Peg) (since she doesn't do that kind of thing), so I may do a big drawing if I can find my fixative. I used to love doing loose, layered pastel drawings, but haven't in a long time. I tend not to use the smooshy smudgy "pastel painting" technique common to art fairs and Pastel Society of America shows.

Finally, call or write Harry "Give Em Hell" Reid and tell him how pleased as punch you are that the Democratic Party finally stood up for the country. They have to know that the don't make waves, "moderate" voice, play to the middle days MUST BE GONE FOREVER.

*this still counts as Schaivo-free zone material, since I'm not really talking about poor Terry

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