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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Upcoming Show at Gescheidle
Bet you thought I'd given up looking at art, but you're wrong. I like to look at the art shown at quite a few galleries a lot. In particular, I like gescheidle and Wendy Cooper in West Loop Gate.

Arrived yesterday in the midst of Installation Day at gescheidle. Louise LeBourgeois and husband Steven Carelli were busily measuring and marking in the smaller back room for her show of luminous-surfaced landscapes of sugar cane fields in Louisiana. I was there for the unpacking back in late August. She has completed a few more with sugar pots, which glow mysteriously and somewhat erotically on her mirror-smooth surfaces. And the show will feature an actual pot, somewhat used and corroded, at the moment in the middle of the floor ready to be tripped over. It looks rather like a cauldron that, since it's Halloween weekend, should be filled with a poisonous brew (or at least candy).

And Joel Sheesley was installing his show as well of good old-fashioned well-painted representational paintings of various subjects. I particularly liked a self-portrait obscured by what is either a shower curtain or a pane of glass with water dripping down.

(the hands aren't part of the painting, naturally, but these days you often have to say so)

I was less taken by diptych and triptych paintings (or rather, double and triple images done on the same canvas) since they seemed a little gimmicky and obvious.

Images from the entire show are on the website. Show opens this Friday.

p.s. Sorry, Tom and Holly. Never got to your opening and show last month.

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