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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
You Don't Have to Just Give Money
Though I'm sure they'd prefer it... the only emails I've received lately are to cough up more dough for the Louisiana races. I had to hunt around to find alternative activities.

Democratic Action Center :: Road Trip for a New Majority
Three straight Democratic victories in Kentucky, South Dakota and North Carolina! Taking back Republican seats in New York and Georgia! How? By enrolling thousands of volunteers and activists to gather in battleground Congressional Districts to knock on the doors, make the phone calls and get our voters out to the polls. This December it must happen again for the Campaign for a New Majority to be successful in its efforts in Louisiana.
And we thought the election was over. Never, if you live in Louisiana.

I have no idea whether these links are genuinely active, but we all know that our recent experience tells us that person-to-person activism works best of all.

If anyone out there knows of phonebanking opportunities for these races, please drop a line. The opportunity to add to our Democratic wins should be getting national attention. I realize that all these DNC, DCCC, ACT, etc. organizations are licking wounds, firing people, updating resumes, etc., but there are still a few races undecided. Someone give me a call list and I'll start calling, for crying out loud! This is something a lot of us can now do in our sleep! Links:

Willie Mount (LA-7)
Charlie Melancon (LA-3)

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