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Sunday, November 14, 2004
Jinx Watches TV
6 minutes left in the Green Bay-Minnesota game, just tuned in. Let's see if I can make Green Bay lose, just by tuning in, since I'd prefer that they win. (Not just because I'm still fond of the Wisconsians).

Let's just test this thing.


In-freaking-credible. I tune in and Minnesota immediately scores 14 points. And now there's a fumble. Someone should hire me, I'm so powerful. I am reminded of the man I canvassed in Milwaukee who wouldn't take a Kerry sign for his yard because whenever he puts a sign up his candidate loses. He was powerful, too, though only on a statewide level.

Minute to go. Let's see what happens now.


Well. I am so sorry Minnesota fans, especially those who might have put down some money on my jinx abilities. I am so surprised that Green Bay made the field goal with 3 seconds to go.

Needless to say, if it were the Chicago Bears, they wouldn't have. Though they don't need me to watch to miss stuff.

Ok, back to art and politics real soon.

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