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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Waves of Love To Greet El Presidente
Ottawa, Halifax on lockdown in preparation for Bush visit
Marine 1, the U.S. presidential helicopter, is already in Ottawa, and a no-fly zone will likely be established over the capital. Sharpshooters are expected to be posted on the roofs of buildings. And squads of riot police will be waiting out of sight, to be called into action should events exceed the control of uniformed officers patrolling the streets.
The President will travel in his own limousine -- brought from the United States so he can tour in comfort and high-tech safety. The RCMP would not confirm that another vehicle in the entourage has the James-Bond-style capability of shooting down incoming airborne weapons.
The walk between Mr. Bush's limousine and the door of each venue is expected to be covered by a tent to prevent potential snipers from obtaining a clear view of their target. And people who live near the museum will be required to carry identification to prove they belong there.
However, protests in Halifax will be allowed, and protesters apparently will not immediately be shot on sight.
A peaceful protest is planned and as many as 5,000 are expected as several dozen church, student and human-rights groups will march as the Halifax Peace Coalition. Participants will wear black armbands and hold a minute of silence to mourn civilians killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.
El Presidente, however, will be blindfolded so he will not be subjected to seeing those who disagree with him.

More than 70 journalists are supposedly travelling with El Presidente, but I'm sure most of them will file pretty much the same story:

The Leader is Great, The Leader is Good.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you have been enjoying the pets and meat from the last few days. Still have the poultrey group to get through, and then dogs and deer, and we'll be done.

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