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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Cynical Admits Being Thankful For Something
Family with many boys and shrieking 3.5 year old blonde Supreme Court Justice-to-be have finished tormenting the dogs and bunnies as grownups finish the pie and everyone else is huddling around the tv watching Kindergarten Cop for about the 15th time.

Let me just undo the top button on the pants a little. Ah... that's better. I hope if you're American you've had a pleasant Thanksgiving Day, and all you others, you're on your own. Here's mine:

I am so lucky.

I was wrong about young Emperor George. I forgot, he doesn't have to worry about getting elected again for a few more years, until they change the constitution, so he could stay home and eat leftovers:
CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - President Bush spent a down-to-earth Thanksgiving Day at his ranch eating leftovers and riding his mountain bike - a world away from Baghdad, his secret destination a year ago.
Bush also called members of the military stationed around the world, most of them deployed to the Middle East[ed. odd way of wording it].
Yes, finally thankful. For family, friends, e-friends, and blogger buddies the world over. And thanks to you all too, for visiting and putting up with my rants and artwork.

Tomorrow I promise will be both cat and dog blogging Friday. And maybe duck, geese, bunnies, and birds, too. For knitter friends, the bunnies are the kind you can have sit in your lap as you comb their hair and spin it. I may fashion a hand spindle and see what I can come up with (I learned how to do this back in college).

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